So ...... You want to Learn? .... You want to Improve?

I tailor the learning process to the players needs , it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or "returner",  aiming to set clear simple goals relevant to your particular starting point. But above all I want it to be fun. 

For complete beginners I go through some very basic stuff like how to assemble the sax, how to feel confident holding it, how to produce a sound, how to breathe correctly. From this point we go onto how to play the first notes and then onto gradually extending playing confidence. These are really important first steps, and the sort of things you can't really experience from watching a Youtube video.

So the first lesson for beginners is an orientation session to help someone get a feel on what the sax is like, and giving that first bit of confidence to want to pick it up and play it at home, as well as a chance to get to know each other a little.

 If you are a "returner" the first lesson is a combined refresher/ assessment to work out the best direction for you to develop.

After this first lesson we then get "down to business"  during the 4 or 8 lesson programmes designed to help you improve really quickly and to gain momentum. It always amazes me how much people improve in a relatively short space of time.

The lessons last for about 45 minutes ( it varies a little based on how much playing someone wants to do and how much theory) and I like to agree goals at each session followed up with a brief email summary after each lesson. I don't do 30 minute lessons because by the time somebody has arrived, got set up and then warmed up, it's nearly time to go home again with too little time to get any real learning and playing done!

I offer the following course programmes:

4 lesson Introductory/ Short Course        €120 (45m lessons)

8 lesson term series                               €230 (45m lessons)      

Single lessons                                         €40 (60m lesson)

Newbie/ not sure?                                 €20  (45m lesson-10m get to know you +30m playing)


SKYPE Lessons

I can offer skype / Facetime / Zoom lessons €25 for 30 minutes. In my opinion skype lessons cannot replace a face to face lesson but can be a valuable additional lesson resource if, for example, distance is an issue.  If you live further away I’d recommend a mix of one on one lessons with skype used to ‘top up’ technique/ skills etc., sort out a problem that’s cropped up. Skype/ Facetime lessons will of course be affected by the screen size of your device as well as internet connectivity.




I have an alto sax available for hire so if you're not sure about playing but want to give it a try then you can hire one for €50 / month ( with a €200 deposit cheque).

You will find me very flexible, relaxed and supportive with some good goal setting skills to help you improve at the right rate.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


So..... What do the students think?

One student's experience............

I started learning clarinet at middle school and progressed to Grade 5 but didn't like theory so stopped taking the exams and went on to learn alto saxophone at Upper School.
When I left school 34 years ago I dabbled playing the clarinet a few times off and on and then eventually bought an alto saxophone for one of my birthdays. Again I dabbled a bit here and there and played once in a while but didn't look for a teacher so slowly stopped playing as I never made the time.
Late last year (2015) I was thinking of either looking for a teacher to re-spark my interest  or else I would sell both the clarinet and alto saxophone as they were not being used. As luck would have it Phil then advertised his teaching services and I went along for the first session to see how I did and how we got on (I did get the saxophone out and played it before our first meeting so I didn't embarrass myself too much). Well I have not looked back since. I am loving every minute of our music lessons. Phil is very enthusiastic, explains the theory very well without getting too deep and makes it interesting. He has installed confidence in my playing and our lessons go too quickly.
Before at school I played in the orchestra so followed and played music as it was written. I have never before played to backing tracks or improvised and Phil is opening up my world to the theory of improvising and I am thoroughly enjoying it all and practise as much as I can (I make the time) and look forward to each lesson.
If anyone is unsure of taking lessons with Phil all I can say is go ahead and try it - you won't regret it!

Dawn, Mareuil 
Completed short course of six lessons and just rebooked for another short course.

And another Saxophone Student's view.....

Phil began teaching me to play the saxophone in October 2015. Little did he know when I contacted him about lessons that I was not just a 'saxophone beginner' but that he would be teaching me to read music too! His patience and persistence have helped tremendously.........................Phil has a knack of knowing better than me what I am capable of (I guess that's a role and a skill of a good teacher) and has been able to suggest pieces of music and tools; methods of learning and apps to aid my training; that have helped me to achieve a long-held dream of playing an instrument.  

Paul, Juignac
Completed one term course and signed up for another 10 lessons